For the garden work, we need the following tools:

  • Shovel for earth moving.
  • Shovel for hoeing or forks: they have a sharp edge and are used for hoeing. The forks are suitable above all for a ground with a lot of weeds, and for digging the roots. In any case, we find out which tool satisfies us most according to the humidity and the composure of the earth.
  • Iron rake: to crush the lumps, make the surface flat, and to rake scattered seeds.
  • Hoe: for clearing the earth, there is a help to beat even the largest lumps.
  • Scoop and wedge for planting: to make holes in which to plant the shoots.
  • Two poles and a rope: the ropes have a wooden post on both ends, planted in the ground to plant/sow in a row along the rope.
  • Watering can: with a comfortable handle for easy maneuvering and because of all the water flows. The best thing is to work with two at the same time for the back to be loaded more correctly.

There may be additional help:

  • Scissors for gardening, gloves, boots, knee protectors, and stools.
  • Subsoiler: we cut compact earth due to rain, or we blow up the soil for new sowing when hoeing is not necessary.
  • Pitchfork with protective tip: it is used to move and load the compost.
  • Wheelbarrow: for the transport of fertilizer, compost, and soil.
  • Measuring bar: for the adequate distance between plants when sowing.
  • Motor milling machine: for hoeing, crushing, and muscularizing the earth at the same time. The earth is immediately ready for sowing. It is suitable for gardening in large areas.

We provide really quality tools, suitable for our body so that work is pleasant and simple. Good tools are an investment for life.

After use, the tools must be cleaned, dried, and stored in a dry and airy environment. Regular care extends the life of the tools.

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