In General About the Vegetable Garden

Location of the garden:

  • In the sunniest part of the particle,
  • As far away as possible from the streets,
  • Far from tall trees and hedges,
  • Sheltered from the strong wind,
  • If we confine to the wood, the farthest from it,
  • Nearby we install a water plant.

In general:

  • First, we check the conditions on our particle – where there are shadows, wind, snow duration, where water accumulates.
  • The suitable location for the vegetable garden is where the sun shines at least six hours continuously.
  • The rows in the flowerbed must go east-west for uniform lighting.
  • The size of the vegetable garden must be suitable for our possibilities and our needs (for a family with four members 30 square meters are enough for a good supply with fresh vegetables, on 60 square meters there are enough vegetables for the whole year, on 100 square meters we can also plant potatoes, asparagus and more).
  • When we create a garden from a meadow, we do it in autumn or winter. We eliminate the roots of grass and other vegetation. We also eliminate larger stones.
  • The garden must also have compost accumulation, which must be in the shade and not too close to the vegetable garden.
  • The width of the flowerbeds must be such that they can be worked from one street (about 1.2 m, maximum 1.5 m).
  • The width of the path between the flowerbeds must be at least 40 cm.
  • Wooden boards are not suitable because snails are hidden under them.
  • Birds, hedgehogs, ladybirds, and other natural predators are welcome at the vegetable garden.
  • There is no place for hens on the garden because they destroy useful earthworms.
  • Marigold, marigold and nasturtium plants are also welcome – they help in the case of diseases caused by fungi and drive away harmful animals.
  • Against the snails help the onion, garlic, white mustard, nasturtiums, marigold, sage, thyme, and elderberry or wood fern mulch.
  • The organic matter in the soil must be replaced, so the best thing is to compost the garden waste and use it again.
  • If we do not know the characteristics of the earth, we can help with analyzes carried out for us by agricultural-forest institutes.
  • It is important that the soil is sufficiently acidic, that it has enough organic substance, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other micro and macro elements.

Vegetable and vegetable garden combination:

  • The part with fruit sprinkled with sprayed products must be very far from the vegetable garden.
  • We are careful that fruit trees do not shade vegetables.
  • Garlic and onion chase away mice and voles from tree roots.
  • The lamb’s lettuce and the spinach chase away the ants that carry the lice.
  • Raspberries grow well next to beans and peas, but beans cannot be planted on the same site every year.
  • It is advisable to plant herbs near fruit trees.

Special gardening techniques

Gardeners can get information and try some of the following gardening techniques:

  • vegetables on the balcony,
  • greenhouse vegetables,
  • permacultural garden,
  • biodynamic gardening,
  • tall flower beds,
  • terraced flower beds or
  • the vegetable garden as an ornament.

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