10 Tools to Have a Garden

The use of suitable garden tools allows cutting branches, transplanting plants, or cleaning dead leaves to be more easy tasks.

Caring for the garden keeping it in good condition by cutting weeds, trimming hedges, transplanting plants, or fertilizing the earth and then seeing how it evolves can be a gratifying activity. Whether gardening is considered a leisure activity or as part of home maintenance, using the appropriate tools facilitates these tasks and helps to achieve better results. That is why we now want to select a series of garden tools so that taking care of hedges, trees, orchards, grass, or another part of the exterior of the home is much more comfortable and practical.


Transplanting plants is one of the care that must be done to keep them in good condition and allow them to grow correctly. This kit of three Acorn tools is designed to perform this type of simple task that enable plants to live in much better condition. It incorporates a transplanter, a three-pointed cultivator rake, and a double hoe. They are made of fiberglass and are light and resistant to take care of those small gardens that do not require digging too deep.


The rake is the tool that allows you to perform frequent and necessary tasks for the care of the garden, such as removing the soil and dragging dead leaves and other elements. These utensils have to be manufactured with resistant materials so that your teeth can cross the earth without a problem. This Acorn model is designed with all the fundamentals for these functions. It has curved teeth of special steel to penetrate the ground and drag all kinds of elements. It has undergone a treatment against oxidation so that it has excellent durability and has a handle to make it comfortable and practical.


Acorn is one of the leading manufacturers of gardening tools and has designed a camping shovel with a size of 150 x 210 mm designed for small operations. These types of devices are small and manageable to be transported, but also facilitate the actions in the home garden. It is designed with integral tempering to avoid deformations and extend the useful life of the tool. Also, it has been reinforced to facilitate its penetration into the earth. It has two types of handle, one of varnished beech wood and another of fiberglass to provide different touches to the grip. It has also been painted with epoxy paint to prevent oxidation of the blade.


The hoes binaries allow making small changes and adjustments in the garden with ease and comfort. The RK4200 model of Corona is a tool designed to do it effortlessly and achieve the desired results. It has a wooden stick 1.5 meters high to work comfortably without having to lean and not suffer the back. With it, small grooves and holes and operations that do not require moving large amounts of land to have a garden can be practiced 10.


Cutting the branches allows keeping all kinds of plants and trees in good condition. The GL16 cutter scissors of Tabor Tools has a very sharp blade and counter knife to penetrate the branches simultaneously and cut them precisely without leaving marks on the wood. Its non-stick coating allows clean cutting without the leaves being locked with the offices. The scissors have arms with non-skid stops and an index finger support so that their handling is comfortable and safe. They also have shock absorbers so that cutting shocks are absorbed and protect the muscles of the hand, helping so that the cutting branches are less fatigued work until using them of continuous way.


When you have to prune many hedges and trees, thicker and stronger branches, or prefer to do it more comfortably and quickly, the Bosch electric pruning saw may be the solution. This device effortlessly cuts thick branches up to 80 mm at the push of a button. It also has a removable clamping bracket with which to hold the offices while pruning so that you do not have to use a hand to grab it. With a 10.8V lithium battery charge, this machine can make between 30 and 390 cuts.


The ALS 25 blower and vacuum cleaner from Bosch is the power tool that allows you to clean the garden of leaves and dirt with the press of a button. Its ergonomically adjustable handle allows the weight to be distributed appropriately while comfortably gripped while avoiding pain in arms and shoulders with its padded shoulder strap. It has a collection bag that is easy to place and empty and is made of a textile material that makes it repel moisture. It has a shredding function with a 10: 1 ratio that improves composting when litter is absorbed, which means making fewer trips to the compost pile and finishing the work to be done first. It is a light tool. Despite all that it offers, it only weighs 3.2 kilograms in the blowing function and 4.4 kilograms at the time of aspirating.


Watering the garden is essential for all plants to remain alive. The hoses make this work much more relaxed, especially if you have a large garden. For these cases, Hozelock has designed a 10-meter hose with a reel that works with a crank so that picking it up after use is very easy and straightforward. It is also reversible, incorporates the necessary connectors and a gun for comfort.


An illuminated garden looks much more. Now solar lights are recharged with the panels that allow them to endure up to 16 hours in operation. Its installation is straightforward and works without wires. And you don’t have to worry because they get water on rainy days because they are waterproof.


Keeping the lawn in good condition requires a quality fertilizer. Compo is one of the leading brands in these fertilizers. Its compounds have all the necessary nutrients for plants to grow and develop consistently. It works with all types of lawns, and they dissolve quickly in the face of moisture, thus releasing the substances that nourish the earth.

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